Lab Members


Dr. Barbara J. Juhasz, Lab Director

Graduate Students

Hely O Rodriguez ’19 -MA candidate in Neuroscience & Behavior

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Grace Devanny ’23

Hi! My name is Grace and I am a junior Neuroscience and Behavior and Psychology double major from Concord, New Hampshire. I joined the lab my junior year and I have been working on various projects such as the Wesleyan Word Experience project and future Eye-tracking studies. Outside the lab, I am a member of the Wesleyan track and field team and soccer team. I also enjoy skiing, hiking, and hanging out with my dog and family!



Amy Guaman ’22

Aiden Malanaphy ’22

Hi My name is Aiden and I’m currently a senior majoring in Psychology and Art History. At the lab I will be working on the Wesleyan Word Experience Project and other ongoing studies. Outside of the lab I am working on a thesis in contemporary architecture, I am an Arts & Culture editor for the Wesleyan Argus, and I love to bike!



Sarah Morgan ’22 (Neuroscience & Behavior Senior Thesis Student)

Hi! My name is Sarah Morgan, and I am a senior Neuroscience and Behavior major, with a minor in Chemistry. I joined the lab in the summer after my sophomore year and have worked on creating stimuli for various projects, such as the Wesleyan Word Experience Project, since then. Currently, I am bringing my senior thesis to fruition under the mentorship of Dr. Juhasz. Outside of research, I enjoy choreographing dance pieces, learning languages, practicing phlebotomy, peer tutoring in physics, and playing piano and cello.




Wiralpach Nawabutsitthirat ’22

Hello! My name is Wiralpach. I am a senior (’22) Psychology and Art Studio double major from New Haven, Connecticut. I joined the lab in my sophomore year and have worked on the Word and Sentence Ratings Project. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, ice skating, and practicing kendo.




Meiwen Shao ’23

My name is Meiwen. I am part of the class of 2023, and I am majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior and Economics. I am from Shenzhen, which is a city located in southeastern China. Outside of academics, I enjoy figure skating, cooking, and spending time with my family!






Former EyeLab Members

These students spent a year or more working in the lab on various research projects.

  • Kate Babcock ’21
  • Rachel Berkowitz ’09 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: Recognizing English Compound Words: The Role of Morphological Family Size)
  • Jennifer Brewer ’13
  • Melanie Cherng ’08 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The Role of Hyphenation in Compound Word Processing)
  • Yeri Choi ’08
  • Joanna Dicke ’10
  • Oufei Dong ’13
  • Alison Galante ’20
  • Margaret Gullick ’07
  • Alix Haber ’11
  • Malcolm Hill ’08
  • Tanya Horwitz (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The effects of age-of-acquisition on lexical decision and naming times)
  • Meghan Jain ’18, MA- Neuroscience & Behavior ’19 (MA Thesis: Differences in Reading and Eye-Movement Patterns in Previously Concussed Student-Athletes)
  • Shakeel Jessa ’21
  • Celia Joyce ’16  (Senior Honor’s Thesis: Individual variability in reading processes: The compound remote associates test)
  • Julie Kastenbaum
  • Micaela Kaye ’16
  • Yun-Hsuan Lai ’14 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: Eye Movements in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Implications for Social Deficit)
  • Rebecca Loomis ’10 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The Influence of Sentence Context on Reading Times for Abstract and Concrete Words)
  • Alexandra Pogosky ’13
  • Ali Pourmaleki ’17
  • Chaltu Rashid ’21
  • Akila Roaul ’16
  • Samantha Schreiber ’18, MA in Psychology ’19 (MA Thesis: Compound Word Processing and Individual Difference Measures of Morphological Awareness)
  • Joshua Sharp ’09
  • Leah Shesler ’11 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The Age-of-Acquisition Effect in Patients with Language Impairments)
  • Linda Shum ’09
  • Medha Swaminathan ’19
  • Sarah Taylor ’07
  • Kelsey Tam ’19
  • Kacey Wochna ’10 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The Puliguous Effects of Context Length on Incidental Word Learning)
  • Michelle Woodcock ’14
  • Lauren Yue ’17