Lab Members


Dr. Barbara J. Juhasz, Lab Director

Research Associates


Wiralpach Nawabutsitthirat ’22, MA’23

Hello! My name is Wiralpach. I am from New Haven, Connecticut. Since I joined the lab in my sophomore year, I have worked on various projects in the lab throughout my undergraduate and graduate years. I received a MA in Psychology in May 2023, but I am back to continue my research on how fonts affect reading. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, reading, and ice skating.




Undergraduate Research Assistants


Abby Frankenberg ’24

Hello! My name is Abby Frankenberg. I am a Neuroscience & Behavior and English double major here at Wesleyan, in the class of 2024. I am excited to be investigating word formation processes in the lab, and I am especially interested in the intersection between neuroanatomy and reading methods or behaviors. I also love cats, creative writing, and spending time with my friends and family.

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Ava Galdenzi

Hi! My name is Ava Galdenzi. I am a Psychology and Education Studies double major. I am on the varsity field hockey team, social media coordinator for the birding club, and a member of the habitat for humanity club. I also work at the Neighborhood Preschool on campus. Outside of school, I like to exercise, be outside, and play with my dog!

Grant Schechtman

Hi! My name is Grant Schechtman and I am a senior at Wesleyan majoring in Psychology and minoring in Data Analysis. I previously took Psychology of Reading and am super excited to now work hands-on with eye-tracking. Outside of academics, I play clarinet with various ensembles and teach guitar to local Middletown students, and I love to cook!

Constance Hirwa ’25

I am Constance Hirwa. I am a junior from Rwanda with a double major in Neuroscience and Behavior Program and Psychology. In this lab, I am particularly interested in the ways in which one’s native language affects their mental lexicon as well as how different types of words are processed among bilingual English speakers. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy poetry, photography, and painting. I also spent a good amount of time at the Resource Center as a marketing assistant.

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Lilah Steinberg

Hi! My name is Lilah Steinberg, and I’m a Junior at Wes studying Psychology and Government. I love to read and study human cognition, so I’m very excited to work in the lab. Outside of academics, I enjoy performing improv and stand-up comedy, applying special effects and glam makeup, reading silly romance books, and watching Kitchen Nightmares with my roommates.


Former EyeLab Members

These students spent a year or more working in the lab on various research projects.

  • Kate Babcock ’21
  • Rachel Berkowitz ’09 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: Recognizing English Compound Words: The Role of Morphological Family Size)
  • Jennifer Brewer ’13
  • Melanie Cherng ’08 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The Role of Hyphenation in Compound Word Processing)
  • Yeri Choi ’08
  • Joanna Dicke ’10
  • Grace Devanny ’23
  • Oufei Dong ’13
  • Alison Galante ’20
  • Amy Guaman ’22
  • Margaret Gullick ’07
  • Alix Haber ’11
  • Malcolm Hill ’08
  • Tanya Horwitz (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The effects of age-of-acquisition on lexical decision and naming times)
  • Meghan Jain ’18, MA- Neuroscience & Behavior ’19 (MA Thesis: Differences in Reading and Eye-Movement Patterns in Previously Concussed Student-Athletes)
  • Shakeel Jessa ’21
  • Celia Joyce ’16  (Senior Honor’s Thesis: Individual variability in reading processes: The compound remote associates test)
  • Julie Kastenbaum
  • Micaela Kaye ’16
  • Yun-Hsuan Lai ’14 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: Eye Movements in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Implications for Social Deficit)
  • Rebecca Loomis ’10 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The Influence of Sentence Context on Reading Times for Abstract and Concrete Words)
  • Aiden Malanaphy ’22
  • Sarah Morgan ’22 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: Linguistic Schemata: The Differential Recall of Accidental Events in Spanish-Fluent Bilinguals and English Monolinguals During Reading)
  • Alexandra Pogosky ’13
  • Ali Pourmaleki ’17
  • Chaltu Rashid ’21
  • Akila Roaul ’16
  • Hely O. Rodriguez ’19, MA- Neuroscience & Behavior ’22 (MA Thesis: Risky choices in a classic and novel paradigm of social framing effects are associated with healthy emotionality.)
  • Samantha Schreiber ’18, MA in Psychology ’19 (MA Thesis: Compound Word Processing and Individual Difference Measures of Morphological Awareness)
  • Meiwen Shao ’23
  • Joshua Sharp ’09
  • Leah Shesler ’11 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The Age-of-Acquisition Effect in Patients with Language Impairments)
  • Linda Shum ’09
  • Medha Swaminathan ’19
  • Sarah Taylor ’07
  • Kelsey Tam ’19
  • Kacey Wochna ’10 (Senior Honor’s Thesis: The Puliguous Effects of Context Length on Incidental Word Learning)
  • Michelle Woodcock ’14
  • Lauren Yue ’17